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TV Show
2 Seasons
8 Episodes
Barbarians is a mini-series on The History Channel which tells the story of the most barbaric tribes of the early and late Middle Ages. Two series have currently been produced, each consisting of four episodes. This program tells about what the groups did, who they conquered, and how they fell. Clancy Brown narrated both seasons.
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Latest Episodes

Season 2 Episode 3
Barbarians Episode: Saxons
March 7th 2007
Season 2 Episode 2
Barbarians Episode: Lombards
March 7th 2007
Season 2 Episode 4
Barbarians Episode: Franks
March 7th 2007
Season 2 Episode 1
Barbarians Episode: Vandals
March 5th 2007
Season 1 Episode 4
Barbarians Episode: Vikings
December 22nd 2004
Season 1 Episode 3
Barbarians Episode: Huns
December 21st 2004
Season 1 Episode 1
Barbarians Episode: Goths
December 20th 2004
Season 1 Episode 2
Barbarians Episode: Mongols
December 20th 2004


Clancy Brown
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