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The Vietnam War Poster

The Vietnam War

Limited Series
17h 15m
Documentary, War & Politics
1 Season
10 Episodes
An immersive 360-degree narrative telling the epic story of the Vietnam War as it has never before been told on film. Featuring testimony from nearly 80 witnesses, including many Americans who fought in the war and others who opposed it, as well as Vietnamese combatants and civilians from both the winning and losing sides.
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PBS 1 Season


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iTunes 1 Season
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Latest Episodes

Season 1 Episode 10
The Vietnam War Episode: The Weight of Memory March 1973Onward
September 28th 2017
Season 1 Episode 9
The Vietnam War Episode: A Disrespectful Loyalty May 1970March 1973
September 27th 2017
Season 1 Episode 8
The Vietnam War Episode: The History of the World April 1969May 1970
September 26th 2017
Season 1 Episode 7
The Vietnam War Episode: The Veneer of Civilization June 1968May 1969
September 25th 2017
Season 1 Episode 6
The Vietnam War Episode: Things Fall Apart January 1968July 1968
September 24th 2017
Season 1 Episode 5
The Vietnam War Episode: This Is What We Do July 1967December 1967
September 21st 2017
Season 1 Episode 4
The Vietnam War Episode: Resolve January 1966June 1967
September 20th 2017
Season 1 Episode 3
The Vietnam War Episode: The River Styx January 1964December 1965
September 19th 2017
Season 1 Episode 2
The Vietnam War Episode: Riding the Tiger 19611963
September 18th 2017
Season 1 Episode 1
The Vietnam War Episode: Dj Vu 18581961
September 17th 2017


Peter Coyote
Himself - Narrator (voice)
Full Cast & Crew

Featured Comments/Tips

zaheer12a says...
8 months ago
"Going into this documentary I had very little knowledge about Vietnam. I knew it went poorly for the US, but I didn't even know the outcome. The series started with a historical summary of the colonial period. Then the war begins. With every episode, the reality gets sadder. My disbelief kept growing. The US leadership making one mistake after the other, while South Vietnam was being consumed by greedy and corrupt politicians. The common people kept dying and the leadership kept pumping more of them into the meatgrinder. I was waiting with every episode for things to finally change for the better, but it kept getting worse and worse. To call this war a tragedy is an understatement."
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frncheez-deleted-1552226123 says...
3 years ago
"Very well done. So much I didn't know and worst yet, so much that was kept out of PQ at that time because of... translation..?"
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MarthaA17 says...
3 years ago
"Very interesting so far, I was very young when this was happening but I do remember seeing this on the news."
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Featured User Reviews

Stephen Campbell
one year ago
**_One of the finest documentaries ever made_**

> _We rationalised destroying villages in order to save them. We saw America lose her sense of morality as she accepted very coolly a Mỹ Lai, and refused to give up the image of American soldiers who hand out chocolate bars and chewing gum. We lea More
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