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TV Show
ABC, Disney Channel
Animation, Comedy, Action & Adventure
6 Seasons
129 Episodes
Six brave fourth-graders at Third Street School make it their mission to protect the other kids on the playground. Despite the rule of King Bob and his minions, who enforce his unwritten laws, T.J, Ashley, Vince, Gus, Gretchen and Mikey seek a rational balance between conformity and individuality.
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Latest Episodes

Season 6 Episode 7
Recess Episode: Lost Leader
November 4th 2001
Season 6 Episode 6
Recess Episode: Mundy Mundy
November 4th 2001
Season 6 Episode 5
Recess Episode: Lost Leader
November 4th 2001
Season 6 Episode 4
Recess Episode: Mundy Mundy
November 4th 2001
Season 6 Episode 3
Recess Episode: League of Randalls
November 4th 2001
Season 6 Episode 2
Recess Episode: Kurst the Not So Bad
November 4th 2001
Season 6 Episode 1
Recess Episode: Terrifying Tales of Recess
August 21st 2001
Season 5 Episode 11
Recess Episode: Lawson and His Crew
January 6th 2001
Season 5 Episode 10
Recess Episode: All the Principals Men
November 4th 2000
Season 5 Episode 9
Recess Episode: The Principals of Golf
November 4th 2000


Rickey DShon Collins
Vince LaSalle (voice)
Jason Davis
Mikey Blumberg (voice)
Pamela Adlon
Spinelli (voice)
Courtland Mead
Gus Griswald (voice)
Andrew Lawrence
T.J. Detweiler (voice)
Lane Toran
King Bob (voice)
Created By: Paul Germain, Joe Ansolabehere
Directed By: Chuck Sheetz (27 Episodes), Susie Dietter (2 Episodes)
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