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Season 2  
Episode 4 - 3-07-2007
Witness the birth of a barbaian empire.
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Episode 3 - 3-07-2007
The Saxons rampage along the British coast.
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Episode 2 - 3-07-2007
The most brutal of the barbaian hordes, the Lombards.
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Episode 1 - 3-05-2007
The Vandals ransack Gaul and sweep into Spain.
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Season 1  
Episode 4 - 12-22-2004
From out of the north the Vikins raid from Arabia to the New World.
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Episode 3 - 12-21-2004
The Huns, under Attila, attack the Roman Empire.
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Episode 2 - 12-20-2004
The Mongols pioneered a style of warfare that still inspires strategists. Skilled horsemen, their speed and tactics shook their adversaries into confusion. Watch as the great Genghis Khan develops his skills until he is unstoppable.
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Episode 1 - 12-20-2004
Looking for sanctuary in the Roman Empire, the Goths were betrayed and then they sacked Rome.
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