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Wont You Be My Neighbor Poster

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

1h 35m
Fred Rogers used puppets and play to explore complex social issues: race, disability, equality and tragedy, helping form the American concept of childhood. He spoke directly to children and they responded enthusiastically. Yet today, his impact is unclear. Have we lived up to Fred's ideal of good neighbors?
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Directed By: Morgan Neville
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Featured Comments/Tips

nmahoney416 says...
2 years ago
"You'll have a hard time watching this without a giant grin on your face or tears in your eyes. "
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RobLoach says...
2 years ago
"That was absolutely beautiful. Thank you, Mr. Rogers... Go watch this."
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justin says...
2 years ago
"Mr. Rogers is a pure legend :raised_hands:"
Like  -   Dislike  -   Comment  -   5 0 0
stakahashi says...
2 years ago
"Hard not to watch this and think yourself in great need of being more kind. Nostalgic and interesting look into Rogers' life and so great to see a behind-the-scenes figure as good as you'd hoped it would be. To see a proponent of values that are in such desperate need in our modern times is inspiring. The most important things are indeed, invisible!"
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Featured User Reviews

9/10   2 years ago
I have a newfound respect for Fred Rogers. Until watching _Won't You Be My Neighbor?_ I honestly had no idea he was an ordained minister. That's a huge credit to him and the way he did his work. In the religious world it seems all too common for the faithful to "spread the joy" in se More
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