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The Station Agent

1h 28m
Drama, Comedy
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The Station Agent Poster
When his only friend dies, a man born with dwarfism moves to rural New Jersey to live a life of solitude, only to meet a chatty hot dog vendor and a woman dealing with her own personal loss.
The Station Agent Poster

The Station Agent

1h 28m
Drama, Comedy
When his only friend dies, a man born with dwarfism moves to rural New Jersey to live a life of solitude, only to meet a chatty hot dog vendor and a woman dealing with her own personal loss.
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Peter Dinklage
Finbar McBride
Patricia Clarkson
Olivia Harris
Bobby Cannavale
Joe Oramas
Raven Goodwin
Cleo (neighbor girl)
Josh Pais
Jayce Bartok
Paul Benjamin
Henry Styles
Paula Garcs
Richard Kind
Louis Tiboni
Lynn Cohen
Patty at the Good to Go
Directed By: Tom McCarthy
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tivo.season.pass says...
8 years ago
"This was simply an excellent movie with a well told story and excellent acting."
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AdamMorgan says...
3 years ago
"Fantastic film. You can tell a lot about a person's taste in film based on what they think about a movie like this. This is why I watch indie movies. https://ihatebadmovies.com/movies/the-station-agent/"
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drqshadow says...
10 months ago
"This feels like a low-budget Wes Anderson film. Lots of awkward silences and strange character interactions, paired with a plot that's content to just stroll along in no specific direction, picking and choosing new angles like dandelions growing up between the cracks in the sidewalk. At times it can be a very good look at what brings people together and what splits them apart, but at others it’s run-of-the-mill buddy movie with three very different leading parts. The plot takes a turn for the serious in the final act that kind of sours the mojo it had working earlier on, then coasts to a nondescript anti-ending that’s basically a black screen dropped in the middle of a generic scene. Has its moments."
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