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The Glass Castle Poster

The Glass Castle

2h 7m
A young girl is raised in a dysfunctional family constantly on the run from the FBI. Living in poverty, she comes of age guided by her drunkard, ingenious father who distracts her with magical stories to keep her mind off the family's dire state, and her selfish, nonconformist mother who has no intention of raising a family, along with her younger brother and sister, and her other older sister. Together, they fend for each other as they mature in an unorthodox journey that is their family life.
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Brie Larson
Jeannette Walls
Woody Harrelson
Rex Walls
Naomi Watts
Rose Mary Walls
Sarah Snook
Lori Walls
Ella Anderson
Jeannette Walls (Age 10)
Chandler Head
Jeannette Walls (Age 5 and 6)
Olivia Kate Rice
Lori Walls (Age 7)
Sadie Sink
Lori Walls (Age 12)
Josh Caras
Brian Walls
Iain Armitage
Brian Walls (Age 5)
Charlie Stowell
Young Brian Walls
Brigette LundyPaine
Maureen Walls
Charlie Guyon
Baby Maureen Walls
Noemie Guyon
Baby Maureen Walls
Eden Grace Redfield
Maureen Walls (Age 3 )
Shree Crooks
Maureen Walls (Age 7)
Joe Pingue
Charlie Shotwell
Brian Walls (Age 7)
Alanna Bale
Nathaly Thibault
Business Woman
Kyra Harper
Miss Bivens
Hamza Haq
Chris Gillett
Mr. Thompson
Darrin Baker
Pool Manager
Directed By: Destin Daniel Cretton
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Featured Comments/Tips

milkhoneytea says...
3 years ago
"The movie was overall a great experience - the cast was amazing (Ella Anderson has set some standard for her future career!), the narrative style, the aesthetics, everything worked very well, and told a story that kept me interested. But because it is based on a true story, I had many mixed feelings - I am glad Jeannette Walls made peace with her history, and I admire her for it, but I felt very sad while watching the whole thing, specially with the ending, even if it was supposed to be a happy one. "
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SerenadB says...
3 years ago
"The Glass Castle storyline was in my opinion quite interesting. The fact that it is a true story makes it even more interesting. It is fascinating to see how these kids were brought up, and although it has a lot of flaws, I also think it's quite beautiful. How they were seeing the world and learning by living. The acting was brilliant, all the children in this movie are seriously good actors. I was impressed. They choice very beautiful sceneries to film, and the camera work was great. The part they filmed in the pool was done particularly well. I might have expected a bit more or something very different from the movie, but it for sure wasn't a bad one. So I'm giving this movie a very solid 7, and you the recommendation to go watch it :-)"
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Saint Pauly says...
3 years ago
"Ass Castle is a miserable child showing us a photo album of her abusive childhood for over two hours. I'd rather stick my knob in a meat grinder because it would feel the same but be over quicker."
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Amr Sedek says...
one year ago
"loved it! Woody harrels is soo underatted !!"
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Featured User Reviews

2 years ago
**The story of a Mountain Goat!**

This was like a combination of 'Captain Fantastic' and 'Infinitely Polar Bear'. But only a messed up tale than them. It was based on the book of the same name which originally a true story. A fascinating one. Inspiring, as well as heartbreaking story. But a wonde More
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