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Step Brothers Poster

Step Brothers

1h 38m
Brennan Huff and Dale Doback might be grown men. But that doesn't stop them from living at home and turning into jealous, competitive stepbrothers when their single parents marry. Brennan's constant competition with Dale strains his mom's marriage to Dale's dad, leaving everyone to wonder whether they'll ever see eye to eye.
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Will Ferrell
Brennan Huff
John C Reilly
Dale Doback
Mary Steenburgen
Nancy Huff
Richard Jenkins
Dr. Robert Doback
Kathryn Hahn
Andrea Savage
Adam Scott
Danielle Schneider
Lurie Poston
Logan Manus
Chris Gardoki
Travis T Flory
Redheaded Kid
Lili Rose McKay
7-Year-Old Girl
Shira Piven
Seth Morris
Wayne Federman
Blind Man
Maria Quiban
TV Anchor
Gillian Vigman
Pam Gringe
Brian Huskey
Adam McKay
Man without Glasses
Seth Rogen
Sporting Goods Manager
Chris Henchy
First Homebuyer
Mary Catherine Hamelin
First Homebuyer
Erica Vittina Phillips
Second Homebuyer
Phil LaMarr
Second Homebuyer
Directed By: Adam McKay
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Featured Comments/Tips

Mr. Sackamano says...
2 years ago
"Hey ya know what works good for you guys who didn't like this movie???.. If you lick my butthole"
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2111anixt says...
5 months ago
"I heard a lot about this movie. All that fucking hype made me go for it, but wasn't worth it. Idk if i was watching a different movie or something but what all the people in the comments say, i seriously didn't find it at all."
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BraylonMitch07 says...
7 months ago
"Step Brothers is hilarious. This movie is a big guilty pleasure for me. So many things just make this movie great. It’s very funny and well written. Every Joke just works and never misses a beat. It’s also very quote able. The plot is good it’s simple but it works in a movie like this. The acting is great Will Ferrell and John Reilly are the most iconic movie duo ever. The supporting cats is also pretty good. It’s directed well by Adam McKay. My favorite scene of the movie is when Dale jumps on the top bunk and squishes Bennet. Overall it’s a hilarious movie and one of the best comedy’s ever. (8 out of 10)"
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nmahoney416 says...
12 months ago
"One of my favorite movies. I haven't seen this in a while and still knew all the lines. Probably one of my most quoted movies. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly together are the best dynamic duo."
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Featured User Reviews

7/10   2 years ago
[7.2/10] There is a story in *Step Brothers*. It involves two older people finding one another, bonding over their large adult sons, and getting married. It has the faintest patina of character arcs: a stepdad who has a change of heart, a couple who breaks up and gets back together, a phobia of publ More
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4 months ago
Click here for a video version of this review: https://youtu.be/SjZ6BGnAVl8

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly - two guys that will give you a really good belly laugh. Combine their powers and you’re guaranteed a good time. So it is with _Step Brothers_ their 2008 collaboration.

_Two aimless m More
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