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Quantum of Solace Poster

Quantum of Solace

1h 46m
Adventure, Action, Thriller, Crime
Quantum of Solace continues the adventures of James Bond after Casino Royale. Betrayed by Vesper, the woman he loved, 007 fights the urge to make his latest mission personal. Pursuing his determination to uncover the truth, Bond and M interrogate Mr. White, who reveals that the organization that blackmailed Vesper is far more complex and dangerous than anyone had imagined.
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Daniel Craig
James Bond
Olga Kurylenko
Camille Montes
Mathieu Amalric
Dominic Greene
Giancarlo Giannini
René Mathis
Jeffrey Wright
Felix Leiter
Gemma Arterton
Strawberry Fields
David Harbour
Gregg Beam
Jesper Christensen
Mr. White
Rory Kinnear
Bill Tanner
Tim PigottSmith
Foreign Secretary
Joaqun Coso
General Medrano
Glenn Foster
Henry Mitchell
Paul Ritter
Guy Haines
Stana Katic
Corinne Veneau
Neil Jackson
Monsieur Slate
Oona Chaplin
Perla de las Dunas Receptionist
Gustavo Nanez
Quantum Member
Mark Wakeling
MI6 Agent
Sarah Hadland
Ocean Sky Receptionist
David Decio
MI6 Agent
Aaron King
MI6 Agent
Directed By: Marc Forster
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Featured Comments/Tips

KurtMoney says...
4 years ago
"An underrated Bond film. People like to make fun of the title. Whatevs. I'll admit the script was hurt by the strike, they did what they could, it's the shortest Bond film and Craig's least successful outing. I still like it, and a revisit is always worth it for the GREAT song, and that motorcycle flip Bond does in the beginning. So badass."
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zerojfb says...
4 years ago
"Where is the class? Bond is usually about spectacle but it's also about the escapism provided by it's character's charm, poise and elegance. The director didn't get the memo and just filled the movie with action sequences sometimes too fast to enjoy. And Gemma Arterton's character just seems to have phoned in because Bond has to have sex with someone! What other purpose did she serve?! Vesper's allusions grow tiresome because they sound like an annoying reminder to an inner conflict that Bond needed to have in order for the movie not to seem a straightforward action movie. But it is. In short, a person who watched this as the very first 007 would ask: "What's so special about James Bond? This is just another generic action/spectacle movie...". Sadly, that person would be right..."
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PorterUk says...
10 months ago
"I was a huge fan of Casino Royale when the Daniel Craig reboot happened. When this film was released, it was advertised as a direct followup so I remember watching CR again and then heading straight the cinema to watch QoS. In my mind I've always therefore seen this is a direct continuation - the Extended version of Casino Royale, so to speak... As a standalone, it's not the best action thriller. It's a bit light on script and heavy on set-pieces. As a Bond film, I've seen worse in the Roger Moore and latter Connery days. But as a continuation of Casino Royale, it works well. I'll rate it as a standalone and give it a solid... 7/10"
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rxp91 says...
4 months ago
"Been doing a re-watch of Cragi's bond films - really enjoyed this after Casino Royale. Especially after Casino Royale that was much longer, and had great slow pacing. This one has a ton of amazing action scenes and a crazy surround track with a ton of boom. Initially I see my rating was 6. I last watched it in 2012 - I've upped it to 8. How tastes change. This was a newer HDR presentation with a much better sound system though - so perhaps the boom suited the viewing environment. C6HDR"
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Featured User Reviews

4/10   5 years ago
Flying high off the back of Casino Royale, Daniel Craig and co. return with this poorly-titled, somewhat short entry into the annals of Bond history.

The most glaring sore point is the weak, badly executed plot. We follow a businessman backing a Bolivian coup in return for the nation’s water su More
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Potential Kermode
2 years ago
**It's a shame that they did this to the Bond films**

It's upsetting for Bond fans that Eon productions ran away from the lively, fun formula that sustained the franchise for 40 years. What does it leave us with? Well - this type of Bond film unfortunately. Staggeringly bland and uninteresting. More
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John Chard
2 years ago
If we refused to do business with villains, we'd have almost no one to trade with!

Quantum of Solace is directed by Marc Forster and written by Paul Haggis, Neil Purvis and Robert Wade, suggested from the stories written by Ian Fleming. It stars Daniel Craig, Olga Kurylenko, Mathieu Amalric, Judi More
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2 years ago
Quantum of Solace had to follow Casino Royale which rebooted the Bond franchise with critics as well as with some of the public with a youthful, angry Bond.

Quantum of Solace starts 20 minutes after the events of Casino Royale with a fast edited but choppy car chase sequence. This is the first hi More
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