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Anatomy of a Murder Poster

Anatomy of a Murder

2h 41m
Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Semi-retired Michigan lawyer Paul Biegler takes the case of Army Lt. Manion, who murdered a local innkeeper after his wife claimed that he raped her. Over the course of an extensive trial, Biegler parries with District Attorney Lodwick and out-of-town prosecutor Claude Dancer to set his client free, but his case rests on the victim's mysterious business partner, who's hiding a dark secret.
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James Stewart
Paul Biegler
Lee Remick
Laura Manion
Ben Gazzara
Lt. Frederick Manion
Arthur OConnell
Parnell Emmett McCarthy
Eve Arden
Maida Rutledge
Kathryn Grant
Mary Pilant
George C Scott
Claude Dancer
Orson Bean
Dr. Matthew Smith
Murray Hamilton
Alphonse Paquette
Ken Lynch
Det. Sgt. James Durgo
John Qualen
Deputy Sheriff Sulo
Jimmy Conlin
Clarence Madigan
Joseph Kearns
Lloyd Burke
Duke Ellington
Pie Eye (uncredited)
Directed By: Otto Preminger
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Featured Comments/Tips

MrAniki says...
5 years ago
"How can a jury disregard what it has already heard? They can't, Lieutenant. They can't. "
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Juliosoft says...
2 years ago
"Paco Cinnema 2: Great movie of judgments with great actors especially James Stewart"
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KurtMoney says...
4 years ago
Comment contains spoilers
"I could have sworn I've seen this before but after watching it tonight I don't think so. I know why I wouldn't have committed, I mean it is 2hr40min. Plus I think I would have remembered a movie where Jimmy Stewart repeatedly says the words, "rape" and "panties." This was a good courtroom drama in any era but I am shocked at the material they're dealing with in a 1959 movie. Not only the material but how they leave things by the end. This is where the spoilers come in: So Jimmy Stewart wins the case. He gets Ben Gazzara (aka the Bad Guy in Road House) off for murdering the guy who raped his wife. But the weird part is, the underlying current of this movie is this: His wife slept around and flirted with everyone in town, he was a jealous, angry wife beater with a temper, and Jimmy Stewart slowly learns this fact. But then he wins the case and everyone moves on, with the facts the same and nothing changes. That seems normal in a movie today but is shocking to see in 1957."
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